• Piou Piou



    For Children 3 to 5 years

    • Start getting used to skis and sliding. The ESF instructors are there to help your children enjoy themselves in this new environment.
    • I earn my "PIOU PIOU" medal.

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  • blanchot



    For children aged 3 to 6 years

    The child is able to: 
    • Move on the flat.
    • Go up hill on the carpet.
    • Perform his/her first slides down the slope.

    With Blanchot, I make my first slides and I am learning to gently slide down the slope ...!

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  • sifflote



    Children from 3 to 6 years who can control their speed and snowplough slide.

    « With Sifflote, I slide and control my speed. »

    • I can slide down the slope with my skis in snowplough position.
    • And I can overcome some obstacles ! 

    Some slides, small jumps, snowplough and I help Sifflote to build the igloo !!
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  • garolou



    Medal for children 3 to 6 years who are independent in the garden but not on the slopes!

    Rewards the child for : 
    • Putting on their own shoes, taking off skis etc.
    • Use the small ski lift.
    • Overcome obstacles.
    • Control their speed.
    • Change direction in snowplough.

    « To avoid Garolou, I know how to change direction.»

    With my skis, I learn to make turns, left and right. That way, I avoid the den of Garolou on my way !
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  • titourson



    1st Test ESF Level.
    Inside Club Piou Piou!

    With this level your child will learn to do the following:
    • Put their own boots and skis on. 
    • Use the ski lift for the first time
    • Control their speed and make turns reproducing the movement of different types of skis on their feet. The movements will be varied but almost on flat beginner slopes.
    • They will face parallel to the slope and be able to stop by a snowplough turn.

    In Summary:
    Your child will learn how to do many things alone:
    • use the lifts, control my speed, sliding snowplough, making turns and stopping. 

    They will even be able to follow you (parents) on green slopes.
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  • Ourson



    For 5 to 11 year olds

    • I recognise my ski equipment.
    • I can put on and take off my skis alone.
    • I control my speed and make turns.
    • I move around on skis in different ways over varied but almost flat terrain.
    • I can ski in a direct line facing down the slope and finish with a snowplough turn.
    • I earn my "Ourson" medal.

    Test :
    • "Snaking" line of snowplough turns around 4 to 5 poles.
    • Ski with skis parallel straight downhill and stop using a snowplough turn.
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  • Flocon



    • I have obtained Ourson level.
    • I control my speed and traverse across the slope using snowplough turns.
    • I remain balanced while sliding faster with skis parallel both across and down the slope on both skis or from one ski to the other, over a smooth terrain on a gentle slope.
    • I can brake, stop and start again myself.

    Test :

    • Series of 7 to 8 snowplough turns with the skis brought back to the parallel position in between, over a suitably marked out course.
    • Parallel direct line across the slope following a roughly straight trajectory.
    • Test of balance when skiing while facing down the slope (with little jumps, from one foot to the other or over little bumps, etc.) on a gentle slope.

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  • 1st Star


    1st Star (1Ére Étoile)

    • I have obtained the Flocon medal.
    • I can link parallel sideslip turns taking into account external factors (terrain profile, other skiers, quality of snow ...).
    • I am balanced by traversing across on low to medium slopes.
    • I can parallel turn (maintaining the angle of edges).

    Test :

    • On a moderately steep slope, a series of parallel sideslip turns over a suitably marked out course.
    • Direct traversing line following a curved trajectory.
    • Step turns on a gentle slope (starting off at an angle).

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  • 2nd Star


    2nd Star (2Éme Étoile)

    • I have obtained the 1st Star level.
    • I can link refined basic parallel turns, I cross the slope in parallel ski and I drive my turns using edges taking into account external factors (terrain profile, other skiers, quality of snow ...).
    • I can ski across terrains of hollows and bumps, facing or crossing downhill while remaining balanced.

    Test : 

    • Series of around ten perfect parallel turns over a suitably marked out course on a moderately steep slope.
    • Basic direct line passing over hollows and bumps.
    • Basic skating step.

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  • 3rd Star


    3rd star (3Éme Étoile)

    • I have obtained the 2nd Star level.
    • I can string together controlled parallel turns. I cross the slope with my skis parallel and I drive my parallel turns using my edges, taking into account external factors(terrain, profile, other skiers, quality of snow...).
    • I master my balance in a schuss over varied terrain (hollows and bumps).

    Test :

    • Series of around ten basic turns imposed by 10 to 12 poles, on a moderately steep slope.
    • Basic single garland, on a moderately steep slope.
    • Perfect direct line to build up speed, finished with a braking sideslip, all on a moderately steep slope.
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  • Bronze Star


    bronze Star (Étoile de bronze)

    • I have obtained the 3rd Star level.
    • I've refined basic parallel turns by reducing sideslip.
    • I adapt my Godille (short fast turns) or wide turns taking into account and compensating for external factors (terrain, skiers, type of snow ...).
    • I master my balance in a schuss when taking off from rounded bumps, on piste or on a ground such as skiercross.
    • I am used to skiing in all snow conditions.

    Test :

    • Non-timed line assessed by the pupil's ability to complete perfect basic turns, with two changes of rhythm on a varied slope (alternating medium, short and medium-radius turns through 15 to 20 gates).
    • Basic Godille (short fast turns)
    • Passage over bumps with slight take-off on prepared piste or terrain (skiercross type run).
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  • Gold Star


    Gold Star (Étoile d'or)

    • I have obtained the Bronze Star.
    • I have discovered alpine skiing in all its forms. 
    • I can ski without stopping on tracks of large gradients, on any type of snow, taking into account external factors and respecting rules of conduct of the skier.
    • I am confident in challenging terrains or areas: e.g. skiercross, halfpipe.

    Test :

    • Short giant slalom, timed (maximum 50% more time allowed compared to opener).
    • Technical series of perfect broad and high-speed turns over varied terrain (slope, snow, etc).

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